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Who are XLVets?

Who are XLVets?

XLVets' member vet clinics represent the most progressive and innovative vet practices in New Zealand. The member clinics work together; sharing experience, knowledge and skills in order to define and deliver the highest standards of veterinary practice, animal health and productivity.

The XLVets concept was founded in the UK in 2005. XLVets originated from a group of progressive farm animal veterinary practices, who worked hard to create a model where individual practices worked successfully in partnership. Following a period of rapid growth, XLVets in the UK is now recognised nationally as a 'quality mark' for veterinary care; and is able to provide national consistency in veterinary services.

The strong links between New Zealand and the UK have lead to the development of the XLVets group in NZ, set up with a similar goal of delivering a consistent and high quality national standard of veterinary service and advice. The linkages with the UK group, and developing European links, mean XLVetsNZ member clinics have access to global ideas and resources, including people.

XLVets in NZ will endeavour to develop a strong partnership with the farming industry, and will focus on consolidating the strength and success of progressive rural veterinary services. The goal is to deliver quality national services for all groups of farmers through service delivery, innovation, partnership, training and development.